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I love it!!

I’ve decided to keep my hair long this year and have been in search of a no-fuss curler as I am a novice at hair curling/styling (I usually have short hair). I saw a demo video of the Dreamwave Ultra and was fascinated by how easy it looked to operate it and how it created perfect curls. I decided to invest in one and it’s one of my best purchases to date!! I love it!!
It is so easy to use! It only takes me less than 15 mins to curl my hair! I love the wireless design, easy charging, compactness of the product, and I don’t even have to worry about burns on my skin!
I am so impressed with this product that I have just ordered the Dreamstyler today!

First class

My hair is very fine and difficult to curl. The dream wave had been amazing and the curls will last a few days . Fantastic product curls without burning your hair 👏👏


I Love my new Wylera hair curler, I was actually thinking of getting hair extensions before I brought this as I have very fine hair and not much of it. What a difference this has made to the volume of my hair and I just love the curls that last for a few days and it is so easy to just redo when you want a bit more curl. I am 100% happy with my purchase. Sorry no pictures yet.


I used the dreamstyler recently on a camping trip. It heats up fairly quickly and I didn't need to re charge at all, but I only straighten my fringe and fix up bits that are curling the wrong way. The teeth are quite hard and made my go hair frizzy, but I have wavy hair and tend not to brush or comb for this reason. You have to "lock" the temperature as the buttons are in an awkward place where you constantly press when using. I won't be using it everyday, but it worked really well for what I needed.

Dreamwave Compact - White Gold G.

Amazing little piece of kit ... I love it 💗

Best curlers

After doing my research and reading the reviews I decided to buy. So happy with my purchase, love the cordless feature and the timer function. Great curls in less time than standard curlers, and the curls last 4/5 days. Definitely recommend.


This product is so easy and fun to use. Ive never been able to curl my hair before. The curler makes it so simple.

Curls my hair well very happy

Love this as it works well and is easy to curl my hair. Once charged it last for at least a few days which is good if you are travelling. Would recommend it to anyone.


I thought here I go falling for another gimmick ..but no I was curled away..I'm very lazy when it comes to hair and would rather pay the hairdresser to work her magic.. I'm 55 and stuck in my ways..but this is just fab..I watched a video and curled..easy to use once you get the technique and the results are more than I could have hoped for..very friend was also impressed and sent for one straight no more bland frizzy fine I can look like I might have been to the hairdresser..couldn't recommend it more ..double thumbs up .

A lifetime struggle with curls is over!

Short Review: It's amazing, get it. It'll change your hair life. Lightweight, good battery, user friendly and curls hold like nothing else.

Detailed Review: I have been curling my for 15 years since I was a teenager. I have tried every curling iron and method possible including a very expensive air based curler and my hair has never held a curl. I have used every product from sprays, mousses, gels from low end to high end recommended by celebrity stylists. It usually takes an hour to do my hair and its complete fallen out within a few hours.
Enter Wylera - My mum had the original version and I kept seeing it recommended on Facebook beauty groups. I tried it and knew there was no going back. I ordered the new version and was impressed by the design improvements. It's light, easy to change rotation direction, better battery life and liked there was less beeping.
Curling my entire head takes about 15 minutes. I no longer use any product at all, it stays curled for the entire day/night and often days even after being tied up. Because I don't use any product my curls are soft and move freely. I don't have to worry about fixing it up during the day because it sits beautifully even with wind, touching it and lots of movement. I played around with different settings before finding that a lower temp for a shorter time is perfect as I like a looser curl (I am used to using maximum temps on curlers to try get them to hold). The only thing I would change is for it have a slightly larger barrel or have another model which I would purchase in a heartbeat and the option to lower the volume of the beep so when you're trying to get ready in the morning the whole house can't hear. If you're on the fence just get it, I have never experienced anything like it and am not sure what makes it so different to other curlers out there. I would love to know! There is no more chance of burning your fingers, ears or neck. It's really user friendly and if it thinks your hair is tangled or not gliding smoothly it automatically turns off and you just gently pull it down and your hair will come out no problem.
I'm looking forward to seeing what future products become available because I'll be a loyal user for life.

Just fantastic

I love this new hair curler. It is so easy to use. I can do my hair by feel now while on the move. Make sure to read the instructions first to get the best out of it. Adjust the temperature and timings to suit your hair and don't try to do too big a chunk. It is really fast to do in little chunks anyway! I've recommended this to all my friends who are well impressed with it.

Dream Come True

So very happy with the Dreamwave. Over the years I have had so many hair styling tools with no success with using them. I can now curl my hair like a pro, effortlessly and in no time. Over the moon with my purchase.

Fantastic service Great product

Easy to use especially for novice people whom have no idea about hair styling.
Customer service brilliant

Love it!

Wylera is the only styler which gives curls which lasts for days. Love it!


This is my third Wylera curling product. I love them but I must admit though that I prefer the original Dreamwave. I find that the hair release isn't very smooth at all with the compact version. By the time I've pulled my hair out I've lost some of the curl so I end up having to re-curl the ends of my hair. It always seems to take twice as long to curl my hair with the compact. The customer service however, is exceptional and found them very helpful when I had an issue with my original Dreamwave.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Beryl Drohan
Wylera curls

This apparatus is magic, best curler ever and I have tried everything

Dreamwave Ultra has my vote!

Loving the updates to the new curler. Love the new barrel. No need to press a button to release the hair. No tangles. Lightweight and easy to curl the back of my head!
My video is on Facebook @staceygambettimakeup

Best product ever

Finally I have found the best product ever to style my hair. It’s so easy and it takes no time at all. 5 stars

Curls last and last and last

I was sceptical and nervous about this tool but I am more than impressed! Easy to use and gentle AF this curler is my go to and it’s cordless! I love this tool so much! YouTube video placeholder
Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Helen Mulroe Byrne

Love this product. So rady to use and curl holds or hours. I would highly recommend 👌

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Karen G.
Dreamwave Rose

Love this product - so easy to use and great selection of settings. A very happy customer.

Thank you for the free gift

I purchased a new Rosegold Wylera Curling Wand and was sent this straightener as a gift. I’m very appreciative, but this straightener is no good for my hair as I have extensions and the teeth grab and pull my hair extensions causing discomfort. I am very grateful and will forward the straightener to someone who would get great use out of it

New is not always better

This is the second Wylera hair curler I have purchased, whilst there is nothing wrong with this curler I really prefer the original model. For my hair, it made better curls that stayed in longer and didn’t tangle my hair as much as the new one does. I do love the rose colour and the battery life on the new curler seems to last much longer. All in all, they are both great curlers and you won’t be disappointed which ever one you purchase

Product is defective

After 1 use the product stopped working and have been talking to customer service for 2 weeks now and they just stopped responding to my emails and now stuck with a defective product.

Fantastic Appliance

I cannot praise the Wylera hair curler enough. Easy to use does not overheat your hair, does not burn your fingers just gives you great curls or waves. Would highly recommend. Give it a go!!