Dreamwave (Combina y Ahorra)

Dreamwave (Combina y Ahorra)

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  • Temperatura ajustable
  • Fáciles opciones de rizo a la izquierda y a la derecha
  • Barril revestido de cerámica para rizos suaves y brillantes.
  • Tecnología sin abrazaderas

Conoce el Dreamwave ® que cuenta con múltiples ajustes de calor para cualquier tipo de cabello, botones direccionales y un cilindro de cerámica de grado profesional para darle a tu cabello el look de alta calidad que estás buscando.

El Dreamwave® ha sido diseñado pensando en la facilidad de uso y la seguridad. Gracias a la tecnología sin enredos y a los ajustes de regulación de la temperatura, seguramente lograrás rizos profesionales sin daños por calor ni quemaduras.

¡Nuestro cilindro de cerámica te permite crear ondas y rizos suaves como la seda y sin encrespamiento que duran!

¡Fija los rizos en su lugar durante todo el día y da forma a tu rostro con tus nuevas ondas atemporales con el rizador de cabello Original de Wylera Hair!

*no se puede usar junto con otras ofertas o códigos de descuento

Product specifications

Product weight: 370g


  • Height: 19cm
  • Width: 5.9cm (widest point)
  • Depth: 4.9cm (widest point)

What's included in the packaging:

  • Dreamwave™ device
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Travel pouch

Only use a Power Adaptor that is 5V 2A. Recharge every 3 months when not in use.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose

Dreamwave - Ónix Negro

Dreamwave Compact - Ébano Besado por el Sol

Dreamwave Compact - Oro Blanco

Dreamwave (Combina y Ahorra)

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Un cable universal para cargar tu dispositivo. Salida USB como Powerbank sobre la marcha.


Reduce el encrespamiento con cilindro de cerámica iónica. Cilindro sin pinzas que evita que el pelo quede atrapado.


Configuraciones ajustables de temperatura y tiempo personalizables para tu tipo de cabello con rizos multidireccionales.

Consigue un aspecto deslumbrante en minutos










los Dreamwave™ La gama está diseñada para todo tipo de rizos, desde rizos apretados juguetones hasta ondas de playa fluidas y cualquier cosa intermedia. Nuestros dispositivos están diseñados para hacer que el rizado sea fácil, rápido, duradero y sobre la marcha.

rizos apretados

olas de playa

Rizos en espiral


Cuando se compra a través de wylerahair.eu, su Dreamwave™ está garantizado por 1 año a partir de la fecha de su compra y también recibirá soporte prioritario.

Based on 4187 reviews

Got the hang of it on the first use and I'm usually hopeless with any hair styling tools. Just took a little bit of practice to work out how to do the back (I have shorter hair)- you'll probably just need a handheld mirror to check curl placement. Gave me perfect curls, so easy and looked amazing - I had lots of compliments! I also only needed to do a small touch up the next day on the top curls to have it looking great again. Highly recommend.

Love it!!

I’m so uncoordinated and can’t do hair well at all but this had my hair looking amazing! Definitely recommend it

Parcel Protection
Barbara Powell

Parcel Protection

Wylera hair Curler

Amazing.. I didn't really believe the reviews I'd read but.. The curls stay in... For 3 days... No more needed, brilliant and super easy to use

Love my curls!

Gives me the most amazing bouncy curls, and lasts all day considering my hair doesn’t hold curls very long. I’m giving 4 stars because the beeping noise doesn’t work (very intermittent) when clicking the direction arrow so I do have to manually count the seconds as there is no beep. Doesn’t worry me though, it still gives me beautiful curls !

Awesome curler

So far so good. My fine hair which has refused to curl or hold a curl appears to have submitted to this curler.Incredible results.

Amazing product.

Wow, this curler is fantastic. I can create the most amazing hairstyles in 15 mins with this tool. Infact my daughter and I fight over it, may have to buy a second one! Give this a try, you won’t regret it!!!

Love it

Wylera is compact it fits in my hand bag and it really is a take anywhere curling tool. I love it, it only takes about 10 minutes to do my whole hair and now my friends are buying them as well.
Recommend the Wylera to anyone who loves to curl their hair without too much effort.

Great device

I bought the Black Onyx Dream Waver and I had I hopes for this brand, once I got use to it I found it a breeze its easy to use and creates the most amazing curls.
I can't wait to take it on holiday with me.
I only gave 4 stars as it did grab and tangle my hair at the beginning but I do have long thick hair.
Now its as easy as brushing my hair and I wouldn't be without it.

Great invention

OMG I love this, so much easier than curling my hair round a curling wand!

Great investment thank you 😊

Entertaining and effective

I admit a bit of a giggle as my hair gets drawn into the tube and comes out in Regency ringlets. But this thing is brilliant. I hope it lasts a long time - I toss my grey curls like a once-was-cheerleader, and it really does add instant glam. Good times.

Happy traveller

Very happy with the straighteners easy to carry and use without cord in the way charge lasts well though takes awhile to recharge. Not keen on the comb like part as I feel its abit hard on my hair and not really helpful but heat is perfect as I have thick hair it straightens really well overall I'm very happy with this product and gorgeous colour too

Great little curler

This is a great little curler which is very easy to use. Works well on short straight hair. Would recommend to anyone.

Parcel Protection
Anne Watkins

Parcel arrived without issue.
Thank you

Curls curls curls

I’ve had so much fun using this on my friends, and my daughter for a special occasion.

Nice little tool

Lovely, easy to use and gave a nice professional looking hair style. I had a problem with the first one and the customer service was excellent, dealt with the issue in no time. Thank you.

Lovely curls

Took awhile to learn how to use but now have love my curls


So after months of putting it in my basket and taking it out I was brave and purchased the dream wave and I can’t be happier, I’ve always straighten my hair but now I love my curls, so easy to use and the more I use it the better I’m getting , I love love love this product , salon perfect

Finally I can curl !

I have colour processed frizzy difficult hair. Like really challenging hair - stylists run in fear when I arrive :)
Couple that with my lack of skills at hair styling devices. Took me 5 years to properly master straightening my hair. Just not my skill set. As for heat/curling devices... they normally result in a tangled mess than needs almost cutting free. And weird looking curls at best.
UNTIl this device arrived. I bought the Wylera in the same optimistic mindset I've bought all of the other devices that languish in the bottom drawer.
But it works. Even for a numpty like me. I can actually curl my hair. No tangles. And mastered L&R curls. Wonders will never cease.
This will sound like a gushy fake product review.
It's not.
It's just years of frustration converting to delight.

Great way to curl your hair on holiday

Definitely a 5 Star review. I purchased the mini curler to take on holiday with me as the voltage difference meant I couldn’t take my usual curling tongs. It works so well I now use it all the time at home too. The curls stay in and it hadn’t made my hair dry and brittle. I really do recommend it!

Worth the wait

Great product. Easy to use and good result. Curls last for days!

Cuts the mustard

Exceeded my expectations, so easy to use - LOVE IT


I am truly the worst person at curling my own hair ever with a normal wand, so never really do it often. THIS is a GAME CHANGER!!
As soon as I received it, I put it on charge, and when it was ready to go I had a practice go on my granddaughters pigtails and it was sooo easy!!
She was fidgeting around as kids do, and I didn’t even have to worry that I was going to burn her head or ears. The curls came out so beautifully. I have shoulder and neck pain, and this amazing device made it possible for me to do these curls with practically no effort! Thank you WYLERA HAIR for this game changing hair curler. Best this I have purchased in a long time!!
*I have long hair almost down to my tooshy and this curler works great with my length.

Love it!

So easy to use, gives great waves and will be taking it around the world with me. Thoroughly recommend.

Still getting used to it I’m left handed and find it a little difficult to use. Practice is the key I suppose. Love the effect though.