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It works!!!

I was a bit skeptical when I got the product but after trying so many ways to get some waves on my hair I needed to try it.
This product worked wonderful. You do have to take 2cm wide to put your hair in the machine because if you put more it’s not going to work and your hair might tangled up. The wylera stops working if your hair is tangled up inside, which is good and if it doesn’t you just need to turn it off right away.
I loved the results, I’m no longer feel I need to go to the hair salon to brush my hair or need to use the curling iron (I never did and always ended up burning myself)


My 10 year old made the curls perfect!! I had to watch the video :) it’s so easy!!


Can't let you know how things went with the hair as your product has not been delivered as yet, please advise

Jim Killey

Curly hair again

Easy to use, saves a trip to the hairdressers for a quick style for a night out!


I’ve tried all the hair curling options and this is by far the easiest, probably the quickest and definitely the one that’s given me curls that hold! I’m so impressed with it!

Dreamwave Compact - White Gold
Amy S.
Awesome product

This is amazing, especially for someone who can’t curl their hair the traditional way. I am getting the hang of using it but the curls are staying in which is amazing. Only downside is the battery seems to go really quick (I take awhile to curl my hair is so thick) but it charges really quickly so no dramas there.

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Kathy K.
Dreamwave - Sunkissed OMG Game Changer!!!

Holy Moly.... I have had a revelation. Well I love getting my hair down as I am terrible at doing it myself. The Dreamwave I have only just got it and I tried and OMG it is amazing and game changer for me as I am a Celebrant and sometimes can't get to the hairdressers and now I can do it myself. As I went to a client meeting and my client commented on how great my hair looked yeah...
Also the fact that it is portable, small and great to take it with me on all my trips. You always make online purchases and some aren't great but this is brilliant, so thank you.

Love, love, love

Wow, what an amazing invention. I love using the Dreamwave. After having straight hair for years and never quite getting the hang of using a curling iron, the Dreamwave has been amazing. So easy to use. Quick to heat up and gives a beautiful curl. I’m loving it big time!!

Christmas Present

This is a Christmas present for my adult daughter and granddaughters. I will let you know how it is received after Christmas. Regards Pop Norm.
PS:- It is not for me! I would not have enough hair to be of any use to me.

Wylera hair

Thank you it works wonders i have used it on my daughters hair, it is very easy to use, and I will use it for her yr 6 graduation.


Found it as good as advertised.

Amazing product!

Best product I have ever used. My curls are perfect everytime & hold so well.

So good

Was really unsure whether to take the plunge as I already had a cheaper version and someone had said that they would be the same. I can confirm that this is not the case.. the battery lasts at least 2 full head curls and my hair is long. Anything from 10 seconds up will make the curls last a good couple of days even on freshly washed hair. V happy with my purchase and would highly recommend.

Best hair product ever bought

I have very fine blonde baby hair, even when I do get a curl it falls out! But not with this product does exactly what it says and lasts for a couple of days!!! Love the curl shape too, like a really tight spiral. Kept looking at this, so pleased I went ahead and ordered! 10/10 for sure, amazing!!!

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Angela M.

Excellent hair curle4 for my fine hair. Loving it.
Only issue would be battery life. It seems you can't use those while it's charging.
Otherwise brilliant product.

Dreamwave- Gatsby Rose

I purchased this as a birthday gift for my 20 year old daughter. The curls look professional and the Dreamwave is so easy to use! The curls stay in all day with a light spray of Hairspray and even when brushing them out at the end of the day you are left with soft waves - stunning!! I am so happy with this product that I will be buying one for myself for Christmas! Totally recommend to everyone!!

Love my Wylera!!

My Wylera is so fast and easy to use. I get natural looking curls that last for three days :)

Easy to use!

I was hesitant to buy but I am so glad I did!! It’s so easy to use and works well. Highly recommend!!


Easy to use. Made my wavey hair look even better, really happy with results

Easy curls!

So easy to use - love it! Will be buying one for my daughter for Christmas

Love It!

I am actually not a girly girl so rarely like to spend time doing things like makeup & hair but the Dreamwave is sooo easy! i thought my hair looked okay before but now it looks incredible!

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Chuluuntsetseg M.
I would recommend

Wylera is amazing I love it. My hair long time curled.

Love the product. It does everything as advertised and easy to use.

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Brigid Flanagan
Amazing !

You will be amazed how brilliant the dreamwace is , so easy to use and perfect curls everytime 😍 I love love love it

Dreamwave Compact

Wow - an absolutely brilliant must have wherever you are. SO easy and quick to use, excellent results and very fair price. Recommend 110%. Thank you