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Designed for the Future

Perfect Curls in Seconds

Hit that snooze button because you won't need to spend hours getting ready.

Longer Lasting Curls

Enjoy frizz-free curls that last until your next hair wash - don't say we didn't warn you.

Professional Salon

Minus the uncomfortable salon and hefty price tag.

Easy to use
& Fuss-Free

Curls with a touch of a button and no more burnt skin.

Results Are Incredible



The best battery life to fuel incredible performance.


Enjoy a smooth effortless frizz-free experience.

Intelligent styling technology

Use less heat without compromising beautiful professional results.

We've made curling your hair so much easier


The Dreamwave® Ultra


Traditional Curling Wand


Under 15 minutes styling time


Enclosed burn-free barrel




Easy To Use


Clamp-Free Technology


USB Rechargeable

Easy Steps to Flawless Curls



Choose preferred heat & time settings unique to your hair. Insert a 1-inch section of hair into the barrel and select the curl direction.



Opt for a shorter time and lower temperature for looser beachwaves and a longer time for tighter curls.



Release the curl button and wait for the final beep for the perfect curl in just seconds! Brush through your beautiful waves for an effortless look


You can create any type of curl you desire from loose effortless beachwaves or tight ringlets. Simply adjust the temperature and the timer depending on your hair type to achieve your desired result.

Between 150-180 degrees, every one's hair is unique so you may experiment with a duration that best suits your hair and preferred curl type.

Yes, our barrel is ceramic coated and help with heat protection, gliding through the hair without pulling and tugging at it, reducing breakage and damage to the hair. Ceramic also heats up quickly and evenly.

The device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if left on and not in use, however It's not recommended to leave the "Dreamwave Ultra" unattended when on.

With this new upgrade, we have upgraded our battery to the highest-capacity lithium-ion battery on the market. This means longer battery life, more usage, and better performance. Our new battery is now 6700 mAh.

Based on 3721 reviews
Dreamwave Ultra - Raven
Shermaine D.S.D.
I have the old and the new

The old- works brilliantly and I love how easy it is to use. Battery doesn't last long enough for 2 days worth of curls. The beeping is annoying and having to change settings from left to right is annoying.

The new dream wave is great, perfect curls, easy to use as well. The battery lasts longer apparently and the beeping has been taken out which is great and only beeps at the end to release. However, the claws inside make it a little rougher to release than the original curler and it tends to trap hair easier.
The separate left and right buttons are a perfect addition.

All in all, I absolutely love them and go between both. No more straightening for me.

Amazingly easy to use!

I have been checking out these tools online for a long time, researching the different brands and watching all the videos on how to use them. I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in better hair easier, and I'm so glad I did. It's super simple to use and doesn't take much time at all. I have always wanted low maintenance hair whilst also having nicely done hair and it not take me too long, trying to achieve that has been tricky in the past. I have fine wavy hair, but not a nice modern wave without frizz (sometimes I get luck and it dries nicely, but most often it doesn't). Using this Dreamwave tool has helped me have those face framing curls I've always wanted, without the frizz and without having to straighten my hair first. I always had to straighten the frizz and unwanted wave out first, then curl, which is why I put it off so often before because it takes so much longer to do my hair and it also exposes it to heat twice. But now it's just one step, put in the dry hair and out comes the cure. It's very light and easy to use, especially since it's cordless, so your arms don't fall off trying to do a whole head of hair. I haven't had any issues with it at all. I did buy the bundle with the straightener, not sure I love the straightener much it doesn't get as hot as I need it to, and it's hard to curl around the wand because of the combs on each side of the plates, plus, and this is a BIG deal, whoever designed it OMG you put the buttons where our hands go! Why???!!! I keep accidentally pushing a button EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it, it changes heat setting or level because the buttons are on the barrel right where you hold it. Needs a total re-design to be useful; I'll stick to my GHD for the straightening. But loving the Dreamwave for the curls absolutely.

Dream curls in minutes

So easy to use, compact and quick to curl hair. I like the left and right buttons to change direction of curl. Very portable. Great buy!

Good easy use

Good product very easy for beginners only drawback curls dont stay overnight as memntioned in advertisements

Easy to you

It easy to use

Fantastic product

I purchased this product and haven’t looked back I have a lot of hair I can do the whole job in about 10 minutes it curls beautifully people are commenting on how lovely my hair looks thanks so much would highly recommend this product

Dreamwave Compact - White Gold
Jayne R.
So easy!

I wish I had bought this a few years ago, when I 1st heard of Wylera. It is so easy to use on my short/medium layered Bob. So glad I finally took the plunge.

Better than the original

This is my second one and I find it much better than the original one. Easier to use and less tangles.

Fabulous product

Love my Wylera dream wave. I have never been able to curl my hair with a straightener or anything else, and this is so easy. I now have my perfect dream wave. A safe curl was achieved today to get me me through a bad hair day

Goodbye sore arms

Awesome little machine, I hate trying to style my hair, but this curler makes me want to use it. It is so easy and quick, I love it. Being cordless is fantastic, I can do it just about anywhere. I had actually bought a different auto curler, with like a barrel that closed around your hair, my hair got tangled in it and my arms got sore trying to hold it up beside my head. I found the Wylera curler online, ordered it and returned the other curler, best decision. Thank you Wylera Hair :)

Fabulous curler

So so happy with my purchase of curler, easier than I thought to use and just getting used to fact I can now curl my fine above shoulder length hair.

Pleasantly Surprised 👍

I’ve used so many of these auto curlers and never had much luck. This one though I was able to manage so easily and effortlessly. Love that it’s cordless and small enough to handle but still feels durable. Works like a dream 🙌🥰

Terrible customer service

Advertising is really misleading and the company would do nothing to correct it. Would not buy from them again, very unhappy.

Not a fan

It is difficult to use, difficult to get the hair in the correct position to be pulled into the cylinder. Often, after the hair is pulled in, the middle cylinder will move backwards a little bit and this causes the curl to be uneven. The curl is also often not all the same direction, resulting in messy looking curls. My hair is quite long, down to about my bra strap, so this was very noticeable. In some difficult to get to places like the crown of my head, it was very difficult to hold it at the right angle, and while the FAQs say that the product won't burn your hair, repeated attempts to curl the same section has damaged my hair. The product doesn't always beep after the supposed time frame, and often, my hair was caught and difficult to remove as it seemed to be held in place by the device, but not always. There are no refunds due to hygiene reasons, so yes I watched all of the tutorial videos and read all the reviews I could find before purchasing. I'm writing this review because I received an email asking for a review. But I don't expect for this review to be published, as I did not find anything other than highly positive reviews when I went looking.

Great gadget

I gave into Facebook advertising and so glad I did, can curl my hair so much easier than with tongs or straighteners- and haven’t burned my fingers or neck!

Dreamwave Compact - White Gold
Lindsey R.
At last I can curl my hair!

My hair is a long bob which I always straighten. I have tried using straightners to curl my hair but failed. I have curling tongs but get confused which way to twirl hair. On watching videos of ladies using Wylera I thought even I could do that and indeed I can. Because of the direction buttons it keeps you right and my beautiful wringlets even survived a speedboat ride on Loch Lomond. If I can do it anyone can.

Fabulous results every time

What a little beauty this is.. Not great with a hairdryer but this is amazing!! Lightweight, quick and super easy .. adds bounce, curls and lots of sass! LOVE IT. :)

Dreamwave Compact - White Gold
Tanja M.
OMG what a game changer

When it comes to styling my hair I've got 2 left hands 🤷‍♀️
I couldn't believe how easy and fast I had curls ☺️ the wrong way round the first time but it didn't matter I was so proud ☺️
I'm wearing a real hair piece as I've got female pattern baldness and the Dream wave doesn't damages the hair 🥰 also I don't burn myself (ears or fingers)
I'm in love with the Dream wave ❤️

Fantastic and easy

I received my two curlers and sadly 1 would not switch on . I contacted wylera and sent a couple of pics and video as proof and they were fantastic and sent a new one straight away. Great service and excellent product 👌

Best choice

It works as advertised. I am happy with my purchase and recommend to whoever wants quick and nice waved hair!

Fantastic product!!

I am extremely happy with this hair curler. It is so easy to use plus with the bonus of it being handheld and charged with the USB cord. I love the curls it produces, you can adjust the temp and time and it is fool proof to use. I also ordered the comb set, which is gentle on my hair.

Great tool!

Works just as described. Curl lasts for days. Received compliments. It nice to have shiny hair rather than frizz for a change. Worked well on my daughter’s waist length hair too.

I love it!!

I’ve decided to keep my hair long this year and have been in search of a no-fuss curler as I am a novice at hair curling/styling (I usually have short hair). I saw a demo video of the Dreamwave Ultra and was fascinated by how easy it looked to operate it and how it created perfect curls. I decided to invest in one and it’s one of my best purchases to date!! I love it!!
It is so easy to use! It only takes me less than 15 mins to curl my hair! I love the wireless design, easy charging, compactness of the product, and I don’t even have to worry about burns on my skin!
I am so impressed with this product that I have just ordered the Dreamstyler today!

First class

My hair is very fine and difficult to curl. The dream wave had been amazing and the curls will last a few days . Fantastic product curls without burning your hair 👏👏


I Love my new Wylera hair curler, I was actually thinking of getting hair extensions before I brought this as I have very fine hair and not much of it. What a difference this has made to the volume of my hair and I just love the curls that last for a few days and it is so easy to just redo when you want a bit more curl. I am 100% happy with my purchase. Sorry no pictures yet.