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Curls for tomboys!!

Love love love this product!!! I’m very unco and struggled to find a curler that didn’t burn my arms or tangle and burn my hair until WYLERA!! 20 mins and I look like I’ve stepped out of a salon!! 👌


Loving this! It has been on my wish list for over 12 months but now having it my life couldn’t be easier. I haven’t mastered it yet but I love it.

Love it

I really love it. I have tried so many curling devices and this is the easiest for me to use. It’s very light snd portable and because it’s cordless, I can even take it camping.


Cannot rave enough about this curler!! I am hopeless at doing my own hair and have tried every tool out there and THIS is just the best!! Being cordless makes all the difference plus it is so simple to use and only takes me 10mins to do my whole hair. I looked at purchasing this curler for over 12months as it looked to good to be true but so happy I finally did. Can not this recommend enough!!


Absolutely love my wylera, so easy to use and it lasts. Love that I can do different types of curls and waves

Easy and effective

I have fine and very straight hair. Curling it has always been a problem for me and I never really got the hang of it. This curler was so easy to use and produced beautiful curls. I am so glad I decided to buy it!

Amazing curler

Absolutely love this curler, so compact & it's so easy to use! No wires to tangle with makes it so handy to use on the go.

Almost brilliant

I really like this product. The curls aren’t as tight as the insta pics and I sometimes have to whizz them twice. It also tangles a lot… and I have to reverse out of a curl! But I forgive it … its a cool product

Brilliant curler.

Can’t believe how easy it was to use as I have very thick hair and the curls lasted would recommend.

Worth every penny

Honestly such an incredible curling tool! I was slightly dubious at first, but after lots of research I decided to take the plunge and buy this for myself. Genuienly couldn't be easier to use, and that's coming from a total curling novice. So happy!

Great curler

Just loving the versatility this is giving my hairstyle.

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony

Very quick and easy

Beautiful little machine. Battery isn't he longest but so long as you prep with your charging you can definitely do 1-2 heads of curls on one charge. Great curls, however mine often drop out very quickly without hairspray (and I hate hairspray!).

Life changing curler

My heavy Asian hair curled within 10 minutes. The battery lasts for 2 heads of curls.
Superb invention.

Love, love and love. Best purchase I have made!

Love it!

I absolutely love my Dreamwave curler.First time I used it I got it wrong as I’m used to using a Dyson Airwrap.However watched more tutorials and got it.Takes a while to charge fully so I need to be organised before I use it as in make sure it’s charged night before.My best tip is set the styler to opposite side you r curling so you curl away from your head.I found this tip online as I don’t think it’s in my instructions (UK).I’m so happy I bought this as my Dyson isn’t as great for me as it was and my son was getting married.Needed something to do the job and it totally does.

Love it!!

This is so easy to use and leaves the most beautiful curls!!😍❤️


Absolutely love the soft curls and highly recommend ladies to create lovely curls for special occasions
I use my curler frequently

Easy curls

Love it, works a treat

Loved it that much I bought my mum one. 😊👍🏻

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Christina Havill
Best curls ever

Love this curler! So easy to use, no fuss. Have tried many different curlers and this is the best.


So simple to use and quick. I have fine hair and never hold curls, but this holds all night. I can curl my whole head in 5 minutes game changer

Dreamwave Review

This product is great. I love its convenience and how it is cordless. Though I do find the left and right confusing and wish it was easier to switch sides of your hair rather than clicking multiple times. And I think if there is a way to allow the Dreamwave to temporarily stop and not turn off if there is too much hair inserted into the device. If it could be 'disabled' instead of turned off it could allow for a smoother conversion to get to the next curl rather than waiting for it to turn on after continuously having it turn off. In saying that, I was also getting used to how much hair works for the device for it to not turn off so it is a bit of trial and error at the beginning when you are getting used to how to use the device. Overall, this device is great and I would highly recommend and would be happy to buy more of their products!

Absolutely amazing!

I am totally rubbish at curling my own hair. I’ve tried tongs, straighteners, Airwrap and curly heated brush. All made my hair frizzy or just plain weird. So I bought this little curling gadget. It arrived promptly and from the first usage (once I’d worked out the flashing light system) this produced lovely curls. Really easy to use. I rarely give reviews but I’ve made an exception for this.

The Best Curler!

This curler is game changer! I can get my hair curled up in no time! Perfect for working mom! Love it so much!