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Why they love the Dreamwave

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Dream wave Ultra

Your probably reading all the great, true reviews thinking, no, this is probably another scam..
Well, it is THE BEST hair curling/styling appliance you'll need. Ditch the other curling irons etc you have in your bathroom drawers as the Dream wave ultra is your answer to practicality. It's easy to use, quick to achieve and safe.
Do yourself a favour and buy one, you'll be amazed...🥰

Great little gadget

Bought this for my wife and she loves it. Works exactly as advertised.

My Go To Hair Curler

Since I bought the Dreamwave Ultra Hair Curler, I have not been styling my hair the old way which does not last long. The curler lasts for days. I love the fact that it is so easy to use and it doesn't dry my hair. It is so compact and can fit my bag, I can also take it everywhere I go. This is a great investment and I recommend this to anyone saving time and money instead of going to the hair salon. I am so glad I bought this.

Love! Curls my hair exactly as I wanted it to!

Didn’t work well for me.

Creme Hair Accessories

Didn’t work well for me.

Love my curls

Omg I've got thin hair and this is an absolute game changer. So easy to use. I love it!!

Love it!

Love my Wylera Dreamwave Ultra. Does fantastic curls quickly every time. Curls last for a few days.


This is so convenient and easy to use, it’s literally foolproof. Good battery life too. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Do not buy

Difficult to use! It just doesn’t work for me and I have fine hair. I’ve followed the instructions and tried different ways, angles, various holds. it’s not practical and not suited for home use, maybe for the experienced stylists. Recently I cut my hair to shoulder length and it’s still not curling it right, I get messy and uneven curls, pulls and tangles, plus it takes ages to curl the full head.
It’s much smaller than I expected. Since purchasing Wylera Dreamwave I’ve realised there are many similar products on the market for half the price.
Very misleading returns policy, poor customer service.
Would not recommend, waste of money

Easy to use and works like a charm! Love it!

Exactly what I was looking for!

After seeing all the advertisements on social media for hair curlers, I watched a few videos and read some reviews. The Wylera hair curler looked the easiest to use and had good after sales service. So I took the risk and ordered one. I have been using a hair straightener as a curler until now and I was frustrated with the unpredictability of the curls and the way the straightener caught on my hair. From the first time I used the Wylera curler, I was amazed at how easy it was to use, how lovely and defined the curls were, and the complete lack of frustration I felt! The device is light and easy to use. It is portable and you can use it without a cord, but I have lots of thick hair and the curler ran out of battery very quickly, before I had finished my hair. It also takes a long time to recharge. My work around, which suits my bathroom layout, is to use it plugged in. No stress. I like that you can change the direction of the curl, I love that you can curl from the roots, or from halfway, as you choose. The cut out feature, if your hair is caught, is very reliable and you can easily untangle your hair by gently pulling the device away form your head. You can't be ninja style with it, though: it is quite noisy with the beeping as it lets you know when it has wamed up, when to stop curling, and when to pull the curler away. It is not hot on the hand at all. You have to use pretty small sections of hair at a time. The curls last all day and maybe the next sometimes. The pictures of the curls it produces are accurate.

Hate it!

I hate it, it isn't easy to use on medium length hair. I have given up on it completely.

Amazing! Couldn't be happier with it!

I just love my Wylera and now have two - one that lives in my travel bag and one at home! My hair has a slight wave and I can get great curls so fast with this that last for 2-3 days. Makes my mornings so much easier.

It’s very difficult to get your hair in the barrel

Far too difficult to get your hair in the barrel..

I’m not a hairdresser but…..

Wylera helps make it easy for you to look like you’ve made a big effort to make your hair look nice, without having to go to the hairdresser to do that. A lot of us are time poor and a lot of us don’t possess the skills that hairdressers have to make our hair look beautiful (they’re artists), nor able to afford it as often as we would like. A simply great product. Well done.

It’s easy to use.

Works well!

Must have

I've always wanted to curl and have waves in my hair but never had the time or skill to use a straightener. With this curler, I can make lovely waves and curls that literally last all day and look amazing. I thought the curler would require a bit more skill and practise but it is the easiest contraption to use. Having fine hair, means that this takes no time at all and the battery life is pretty good. I only need to charge it every 3-4 uses.

Truly Amazing

Love the Dreamwave Ultra- Curls stay in, so easy to use, I find it is easier to use without a mirror. I can do my whole head in less than 10 mins. I love that i can take it anywhere and fits in my bag nicely. Charge lasts through approx. 3 hair do's. Can't recommend highly enough.

Great product. Sometimes doesn't curl the underplayed after freshly showered.

Amazing product and very easy to use. Great value. Have purchased one for my daughter and sister has also purchased one on my recommendation

Don't Buy From this Company

Curler doesn't work well.
Bought 2 paddle brush/comb sets. Both sets had strong smell of petrol/chemical and bristles missing. Sent emails to company 3 times no reply. Terrible customer service. 😑

If you have fine short chin length hair don't get it
It dosnt pick up your hair
I should have returned it

This works better than expected and arrived quickly considering the time of year I ordered


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