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I have fine, curly hair that tends to frizz, and this machine defines the curl beautifully. Easy to use, compact and does the job well. Far exceeded my expectations!

Easy to use and gives great curls

My hair is quite thick abs hard to curl. This is the best little curler I’ve used. Straightners wreck my hair. So I’ve never really used anything unless professionally done. And that’s expensive. Recommend

Lovely tool

I love this tool. However I give it 4 stars as it has been promoted as a tool for long hair and unfortunately it does not suit my daughters long hair. She has hair down past her bottom and it is just too long, it gets caught.
On my hair which is down to my hips it works well as long as you don’t put too much hair in it.

Super quick & easy curls

Love my purchase and have already recommended to my sister in law.

Didn’t disappoint!

This has worked just like in the ads, that doesn’t happen very often! I’ve been letting my friends try it too so hopefully more sales ahead.


Bought this last month, had a little problem with it but it was rectified immediately by the company. I have used it a few times on myself and granddaughter and it certainly works. The curls are lovely and my granddaughter loves her hair after it’s been done. Once you have mastered it the results are brilliant. A very quick and efficient way to curl your hair.
Would definitely recommend.

Better for longer hair

I have collar length hair and find it difficult to get enough hair for in the curler. Have tried quite a few times but it only curls slightly. In my opinion it’s better for longer hair.

Worth it!

I was skeptical at first but I decided to have one. It arrived fast. I would say, no more burns from my flat iron doing curls 'coz i got wylera now. I curled my hair for about 15-20mins as I have a thick hair and while doing so, I can even watch or drink coffee. This really works. Battery is just enough to curl my hair well. Using the 200°. Just lovin' it.

Almost perfect!

Almost perfect
This is amazing, the slimmer barrel so your hand doesn't tire is a boon for old hands that can't grasp as easily anymore. It does what it says on the tin. Perfect results every time. The one design feature I would change is to place the left/right buttons side by side and mark them L and R to denote which side of the head for directional curls. I have very fine hair and it's not as thick as it used to be in my youth (late 60s now)but its wonderful that I can still curl my hair effortlessly and get such smooth and shiny curls. My hair is natural and nit dyed.


I’ve only used it a couple of times so far but have been very happy with how easy it is to use and the results, gorgeous bouncy curls! I wasn’t sure if it would work on my hair as it’s quite short - halfway between my shoulders and ears - but it worked well, very user friendly. For all those concerned that your hair will get caught in it, I stupidly managed to get my earring stuck and I panicked but the curler instantly stopped and I was able to just pull it away from my earring with absolutely no damage to my ear! Will definitely be using it heaps in the future.

Easy to use

Very easy to use. No hot points so no burning my head, fingers or ears. Thought i could adjust size curls (like it says on the box) but that dosnt appear to be the case

Dreamweave Gatsby rose

I am not very coordinated when it come to styling my hair but found the Dreamweave very easy to operate and the curls held in my fine hair really well.

Gatsby dreamstyler

Fantastic product very easy to use

The solution to my curling woes

I never know how to use a curling iron right, i always burn my fingers on them and it takes me forever to do it. I tried buying the fake version of this but the battery would die on the 4th curl. So i decided to invest in this magnificent piece of technology and it is worth every penny! The battery lasts for ages. I have thick hair and i finished my hair in 10 minutes! Now all my friends want one. Thank you for this product!

Life changing!

I am absolutely terrible at all hair curling and this has changed my life. Saving me a fortune in getting my hair done and I actually look nice everyday and like I went to effort. 15 mins to do my whole head.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose

Absolutely love it 😍 Having tried to perfect a curl / wave that lasts on my fine hair with straighteners and curling tongs I decided to give this automatic curler a try. So easy, no crimp marks, the curls last for days and so simple to use. My friend has now purchased one after I raved about it so much!

Growth stimulator

Hair has been quite thin since having chemotherapy a few years ago .
Not had the growth stimulator long enough to see any hair growth but the condition definitely feels better .
I’m am happy with the purchase however the
on/off button is very hard to push down just hoping is doesn’t stop working.

Great thx

Great thx

Absolutely loving it

sooo easy to make curls with the dream wave ultra, definitely recommend it

Beautiful curls

Bought for my daughter who has very long hair. It curls beautifully and there is no catching or tangling. I plan to borrow it on a regular basis 😊

Cute curls or waves

This compact styler is brilliant- xmas present for 15 year old daughter. Instant curls or wave with zero stress. Kind to the hair and no snagging. Highly recommend Wylera . Genius product!

What an amazing product ……

Can’t get over how brilliant the Dreamwave is !!! For years I have attempted to curl my hair buying many appliances inc Dyson Airwrap which curls but they drop out immediately ! With the Dreamwave I can’t believe how long my curls last !!! I am so so impressed with it ! Thank you for such an amazing appliance xxx

Just wow!

Bought for my daughter and she is delighted with this amazing product!

Dream wave

Excellent product my wife loves it

Great product!

I am so glad I bought the Hydro Sonic Growth Stimulator. I love that it uses red light with vibration scalp therapy at the same time. The price was also very good. I would recommend this massage tool.